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A. Introduction to YLI Group of Companies:

YLI Holdings Berhad ("YLI") is an investment holding company with subsidiaries involving in the manufacturing and marketing of ductile iron, mild steel and HDPE pipes, fittings, other related products as well as provision of task building, civil infrastructure and project management works. The Group's dedication to its manufacturing activities led to YLI's listing on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (then known as "Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange") on 7 August 1997 and was subsequently transferred to the Main Board (which is now known as the Main Market) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 10 January 2001.

The YLI Group has its beginning in 1966 with the establishment of Yew Lean Foundry & Co. as a cast iron factory, producing cast iron fittings and other cast iron based products. The Group traces its roots to the manufacturing and sales activities in ductile iron pipes and fittings which were collectively undertaken by five of its subsidiaries; namely Yew Lean Foundry & Co Sdn Bhd; Yew Li Foundry & Co Sdn Bhd, Logam Utara (M) Sdn Bhd, Zeneith Eastern Sdn Bhd, Yew Lean Industries Sdn Bhd. The Group's manufacturing activity had been further expanded via its diversification to cover mild steel pipes (through acquisition of Laksana Wibawa Sdn Bhd on 29 August 2008) and High Density Polyethylene ("HDPE") pipes (through acquisition of MRPI pipes Sdn Bhd on 11 February 2015). As part of its strategic steps in establishing itself as the one step service provider for all its customers' water and sewerage piping needs, the Group had also diversified into Construction activities (through the acquisition of Haluan Prisma Sdn Bhd on 26 January 2015) which would now enable the Group to also provide pipe laying services for its customers.

Yew Lean Foundry & Co Sdn Bhd ("Yew Lean Foundry") was incorporated in 1976 with its core business in the manufacturing and sales of ductile iron pipes and fittings. Yew Lean Foundry also specializes in products such as ductile iron saddles and manhole covers, cast iron pipes, pillar hydrants and valves for the waterworks and sewerage industries. Ductile iron pipes manufactured by Yew Lean Foundry carry the YL brand name and are manufactured by using the centrifugal casting method to ensure consistency in dimensions and compactness in its microstructure. All YL pipes are under stringent quality control to achieve a minimum tensile strength of 420 N/mm2 and elongation of 10 percent. Yew Lean Foundry currently produces ductile iron pipes of various sizes up to 700mm in diameter. All YL pipes are in a standard length of 6 meters. YL pipes have long been widely recognized within the ASEAN region for its superior quality.

The acquisition of Laksana Wibawa Sdn Bhd ("Laksana Wibawa") as one of its subsidiaries in 2008 has seen the Group's diversification into the manufacturing and sales of mild steel pipes and fittings. Laksana Wibawa is principally involved in the manufacturing of mild steel pipes and trading in mild steel and ductile iron pipes. By employing the state-of-the-art Spiral Forming technology from Germany, Laksana Wibawa is able to produce high quality mild steel pipes of various diameter, length as well as specification to fulfil various market needs.

MRPI Pipes Sdn Bhd ("MRPI Pipes") had become part of the YLI Group following the completion of its acquisition in 2015. MRPI Pipes was incorporated in 1978 (then known as Musa Rahman Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd). It was originally involved in the manufacture and marketing of various plastic products (i.e. plates, bags, bottle, container and wrapper) and had later changed its principal activity to the manufacture and marketing of HDPE pipes. Its HDPE pipes is of high quality and in conformance with Malaysia and International Standards.

Haluan Prisma Sdn Bhd ("HPSB") had also been added to the YLI Group in 2015. HPSB is a contractor registered with "A" Class and PKK Bumiputra Status by Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor ("PKK") and registered under "G7" Grade by the Construction Industry Development Board ("CIDB"), besides its registration with the Ministry of Finance ("MOF"), Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara ("SPAN"), Puncak Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd, Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Negeri Selangor ("DPMMS") and Felda Holdings Berhad. Besides the normal construction activities, HPSB had also successfully completed Non-Revenue-Water ("NRW") mitigation projects awarded by Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad ("PAAB") and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd ("SYABAS").

Over the years, the Group has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, the Group prided itself for being the supplier of pipes and fittings of various materials (i.e. Ductile Iron, Mild Steel and HDPE) of highest quality. Via its expansion and diversification into construction activities, the Group had established itself as a one-stop service provider which is not only able to supply pipes and fittings, but also to provide its service for the installation/laying of pipes. The Group has a strong commitment to research and development which has paved the way for YLI to constantly maintain its standing in the forefront of the water and sewerage pipes industry. On an ongoing basis, the Group strives to always exceed its customers' expectations by prompt delivery of pipes of highest quality with best service and most competitive pricing.


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