Why YL Ductile Iron Pipes?
Advantages of Using YL Ductile Iron Pipes

Being the first manufacturer in Malaysia to produce high quality Ductile Iron pipes carrying the brand name 'YL' to meet the growing demand from the waterworks and sewerage industries.

YL Ductile Iron Pipes are manufactured by using the centrifugally casting method to ensure consistency in dimensions and compactness in its microstructure. All YL pipes are under stringent quality control to meet the minimum tensile strength of 420N/mm2 and a minimum elongation of 10 percent. Because of their excellent mechanical properties, YL Ductile Iron pipes can withstand high hydraulic pressure and large external loads.

YL Ductile Iron Pipes are manufactured in compliance with BS EN 545 and BS EN 598 : 1995; YL Ductile Iron Pipes have also received the MS ISO 9001:2000 accreditation from Standards Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

YL Commitment to Customer
· High Quality Assurance. (MS ISO 9001:2000)
· Prompt and efficient delivery service to customers.
· Over 200 types of fittings and accessories available.
· Professional and dedicated technical advice.
YL Ductile Iron Pipes Offer You:
· Excellent corrosion resistance.
· High load bearing capabilities.
· Low cost pipe installation (no welding required).
· Complete pipeline in shortest time.
· No restriction from adverse weather and traffic.
· Ideal for installation at night.
· Easy machining, tapping and cutting with proper tools.
· Suitable for piping in tunnels.
· Widest range of factory fittings and accessories.
· Pipe fabrication services are also available.

In "Ductile Iron", the graphite is in spheroidal form and hence, the risk of cracking eliminated.


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