Logam Utara(M) Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 170454 - P)

Logam Utara (M) Sdn Bhd ("Logam Utara") was incorporated in 1988 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of YLI Holdings Berhad, a company listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). The company was setup to provide water related accessories to complement the existing products and services of the Group.
Product & Services

Logam Utara's involvement in the water industry has prompted the supply of 3 main products, namely the under-pressure linetapping/linestopping machines, pipes accessories such as coupling and flange adaptors and pipe cutting machines.

Hydra-Stopping System


The line-stopping machine or Hydra-Stop is a perfect complement for the line tapping machines to perform more complex operations such as a pipeline bypass and seamless pipeline repair work. The Hydra-Stop provides new solutions to old distribution system problems. Hydra-Stop equipment can be used to isolate for repair or replacement of valves and hydrants in minutes on any commonly used cast iron, asbestos cement, steel, ductile iron or plastic pipes with accuracy and reliability. The Hydra-Tap and Hydra-Stop are available for sizes 4?to 20?

Hydra-Tap system - Line tapping system

Weighing at 60-70 lbs, the light weight line-tapping machine, also known as the Hydra-Tap makes pressure taps on gas or water lines quickly and easily. The machine requires only one operator, compared to the traditional tapping machine that requires two, three or even more workers to perform a simple hot tap. Besides reducing labor cost, the Hydra-Tap is engineered to ease of maintenance with fewer moving parts, designed to operate without costly and annoying malfunctions. The lightweight machine also eliminates the need for expensive blocking and bracing, often required for supporting traditional heavy tapping equipments.

The machine is also designed for gas pipelines with a rating of 250 p.s.i.. The Hydra-Tap uses pneumatic or hydraulic motor drives. The only accessory you need for future taps is the hot tapping sleeves, used as the pipeline tee off connections.

Hydra-Tap and Hydra-Stop have several advantages such as:
· Ability to perform maintenance and repair work without interrupting flow
· Cost savings on large excavation and labor
· Eliminate the need for flushing after maintenance or repair work
· Pneumatic or hydraulic motor driven
· Instantaneous, quick and easy to use
· Proven technology
Coupling and Flange Adaptors

Another supplement to the pipes and fittings accessories is the YL ductile iron straight and step coupling and flange adaptors. These accessories are available for ductile iron (DI), mild steel cement-lined (MSCL) and asbestos cement (AC) pipes. The standard couplings and adaptors are coated with high quality fusion bonded epoxy to AS NZ S4158:1 while the wedge rubber ring included are to MS672 and AS1646 standard.

These joints are fabricated locally to comply with JKR Specification 20200-0048-99.

Automatic Pipe Cutter

There are a range of pipe cutters that can be used to cut steel, cast iron (CI), ductile iron (DI), asbestos cement (AC) and plastic pipes. The cutters are powered from a hydraulic power pack and automatically tracks around the pipe ?cutting through the pipe wall as it travels. The main features of the machines are:

?/b> Hydraulic or Pneumatic drive/Automatic rotation
?/b> Easy handling, set-up and operation
?/b> Can operate underwater
?/b> Only requires approximately 200mm clearance around the pipe
?/b> Has the capacity to cut, bevel and groove
?/b> Optional Window Cutter attachment available
?/b> Diamond blade for DI and CI; TCT blade for steel




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