YL Ductile Iron Pipes (Conform to BS EN 545 & BS EN 598 and MS ISO 9001)

Sizes range from: Nominal diameters of 100mm to 700mm in standard lengths of 6 metres.

The standard pipes are socket spigot pipes, externally metallic zinc coated and bituminous coating and internally lined with cement mortar lining.

Pipe Joints 

The socket spigot joint, also known as push-in joint, provides leak tightness even at pipe bursting pressures and allows deflection in any direction up to 5 degrees.

Push-in joint method The push-in joint method also allows easy and speedy jointing even in restricted space, or during adverse weather conditions as it does not require special tools or equipment. This reduces pipe laying costs and time while increasing efficiency.

Flange joint method
YL Weld-on flange joint offers precision workmanship that offers you leak-proof quality.

Flange joint allows pipe sections to be installed, or dismantled, in line.
Internal Lining

YL offers standard advance centrifugally applied cement mortar lining that gives high mortar compaction, good adhesion and silk smooth surface flow.

Other standard linings such as High Alumina and Sulphate Resistant cement are also available at additional costs. YL is also capable of supplying superb quality epoxy coating.

External Coating

All YL pipes come with basic coating of Metallic Zinc, followed by bitumen paint as the finishing coat. Zinc coatings protect the pipe by forming a stable protective layer of insoluble zinc salts. It also has self-healing characteristics of any damage, and therefore increases the life span of the pipe.

Other external coatings such as epoxy-based coating also available upon request at additional costs.


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